DrillStream is a Shell Technology Ventures (STV) Fund 1 BV portfolio company, formed in 2009 to commercialize abrasive jet drilling.

DrillStream�s abrasive jet drilling technology can deliver:

 Substantially increased ROP, even in hard rock or impermeable shales!

 Drilling with no Weight on Bit (WoB) or torque at bit requirement

Key Differentiator:

 Downhole recirculation capability; reduces the requirement for circulation of abrasives through the well by a factor of 10, thus reducing ECD concerns, minimizing costs and rendering practical the handling of abrasives at surface.

Abrasive Jet Drilling technology with steel abrasives has been around for decades, and has been proven to deliver substantial increases in ROP. So why are all wells today not drilled using this technology? The answer lies in the difficulties in handling high concentration of abrasives throughout the well. The density of drilling fluids containing up to 10% steel concentration is extremely high, and both pressure profiles and equivalent circulation density can be very volatile. Consider also the issues of handling this volume of abrasives at surface, both in inserting the solids into the pumped fluids and removing circulated abrasives from mud returns.

DrillStream�s unique and proprietary recirculation capability reduces the amount of abrasives circulated throughout the entire well by an order of magnitude. While the additional solids still require due consideration, the unique technology moves these issues firmly into the realm of the practical.

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